Tarte Tape Shape concealer review

As every girl, I love make-up, especially lipstick. I do not wear too a lot of make up but one thing I really can’t live without, is concealer. Some girls have problems with their acne, some others with facial hair, me it’s the dark circles. Unfortunately, that is just the way my skin is so when I am tired I look like I am about to die! This is even worse since I have moved to England as my skin does not get enough sun as it used to when I was living in France. Hence, I love a really good concealer! A few weeks ago I have done some research and found out that Tarte Shape Tape was THE concealer to try. All beauty bloggers and make-up artists were raving about it so I thought “finally a real product which will hide completely my Chanel bags!”. I have been using Maybeline Anti-Age Rewind for the last few months. To be fair, it works quite well but it does not totally cover my dark circles so I had really high hopes in this Tarte product.
So I have ordered the product in light medium, I was sooo excited to try it. It is not cheap; since the delivery costs from Tarte US were quite high, I I bought it through QVC and including the delivery costs, I’ve paid £31.95. For that price, you would expect great results right? See below my Tarte tape shape concealer review.


Well, I was really disappointed to say the least. Not only it does not cover my dark circles but the texture feels quite stodgy. I have tried to use in different ways as I could not believe this was the product everyone talked about. I tried to put it before foundation, after, I have tried to put a lot and then less but still the same results and it actually made my dark circles look worse!

Some products work better on different skins, but I think that trying a product like this on someone who has real dark circles is a great way to test the effectiveness. I even asked one of my friends who is a make-up artist to try it on her, just to have her opinion and she was no self impressed either. Although she hasn’t got dark circles like mine so no wonder for me it was not great. I guess that for girls who don’t have bad dark circles, it is a nice product to use for contouring or to cover acne. As a concealer for dark circles, I would not recommend it. It is definitely not worth the price.

I have taken photos with no foundation, no concealer the photos with foundation on and the Maybeline Age Rewind and some with Tarte. You can clearly see the difference. I really like Maybeline, with the sponge incorporated it’s very easy to apply the product, all you need to do after is to blend it. It feels really rehydrating and it’s only £8.99!

I also heard great things about Rimmel so I thought I would buy it to compare. Again it is an okay product for the price, but for me the coverage is not great enough.

At least now I know and I hope that someday, I will find a concealer which actually covers dark circles totally!

Any recommendations please share with me. I am sure girls who have the same problem have tips that might help!

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