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    4 things you need to know before going to Bali

    Although I had the most amazing time in this country , there are 4 things you need to know before going to Bali.     1. Sun set ceremony at Uluwatu temple If you plan to visit the Uluwatu temple, make sure you go there an hour before sunset.  Not only the views will be superb but there is also a dance ceremony happening. I have seen photos and it looks amazing, I wish I knew this before going to Bali. We went in the afternoon and it was already great so I can imagine the sun set and dance ceremony will be fantastic. Also, be aware that in this…

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    What to do in Lyon

    After spending  another wonderful weekend in Lyon, I thought I should write a blog post about what to do in Lyon and the best  places to see and things to do. Lyon is the second city in France after Paris and although it has similar charming streets, Lyon has the advantage of being located in the Alps. Which means the views you will get are insane! Surrounded by mountains you will really feel transported to a different world. Whichever season you are going there, the city will look amazing in different ways. You will enjoy the snow in winter and the lovely rivers in summer.   It is also important…

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    Living abroad

    Thinking of living abroad ? Well let me share my experience and feelings after living abroad seven years – one year in Scotland, one year in America and almost five years in England, where I currently live. I realised I wanted to experience the real traveling at university where I have been given the chance to do my bachelor degree in Scotland. This was my first experience abroad and it really opened my appetite for traveling completely. I would say living abroad changed my life as it made me understand what real traveling is and the benefits of living abroad. I was there with friends from university so I wasn’t…