How to style a leopard print coat?

Leopard print coat, and leopard print in general, is really on trend at the moment. But it’s not an “easy” piece to wear so a lot of us wonder how to wear and style it.

In France, most of us would associate the leopard print coat with a famous comedy movie called “Le père Noël est une ordure” . It’s a classic French movie where a travesty is wearing this specific coat. His style is quite vulgar, he purposely wears bold make-up, tight leather skirt and high heels. So it was not easy to step away from this image and bring this leopard print coat as a classy piece of fashion.

Personally, I’ve always loved anything with leopard print. Although, I am conscious that if not styled well, it can come across quite vulgar. Which is one of my fear if I’m honest.

I’ve been looking for a nice leopard print coat for a while and finally found one that I liked, with the right length and fit. Plus, as the bargain queen that I am, I managed to find it on sales with  70% off. What more can you ask for ?

For the first time wearing this coat, I wanted a casual/stylish look. So decided to wear it with some leather leggings, a denim shirt tucked in and some ankle boots plus my black Longchamps bag.

I felt that the colours all fit it in together nicely and there was no chance I could look vulgar ! This is also the perfect everyday style, comfortable yet stylish and classy at the same time.

As you may know, most of my clothes come from France, hence I pride myself to be a  french fashionista so here is where all the clothes come from :

Coat – Jennyfer 

Leather leggings – H&M

Denim shirt – it’s actually from a small shop in Liverpool which has now closed.

Ankle boots – Spartoo

Black Leather bag – Longchamps 

Hope you liked this style. I will hopefully share more outfits with this leopard print, next time with a skirt and heels 🙂

I would love to know how you wear the leopard print so please share your styles.

Chiccie Chérie x

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