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Ski holiday packing list – the essentials


Going on a ski holiday soon? Then you need to read my ski holiday check list.

Preparing for a ski holiday is not as straight forward as it is for a beach holiday. For a summer holiday, all you need is a bikini, sun cream and summer clothes. If you go on a ski trip, you need to be well prepared to tackle the cold and the snow which may look beautiful but can also become a bad experience if you are not ready for it. I am from the Alps. Therefore, I am used to the cold weather and snow so I have made a list of the things you need to pack in your suitcase to make sure you have the best time with your friends and/or family.


#Ski wear

Regardless if you are going to ski/snowboard or just enjoy the surroundings, you will need proper ski wear. This can be either a salopette or a ski jacket and ski trousers. I prefer the last option, it is more practical as you can wear the jacket separately anytime.

Whatever the style you go for, make sure they are waterproof, insulated and breathable. If you are on a budget, I recommend Decathlon which do great quality ski wear at an affordable price.

#Turtle neck jumper or fleece jacket which you can wear if you go skiing or even to wander around in the ski resort.

#Lightweight sweater to wear underneath your ski jacket if it is warm. If it is really cold you would wear it underneath your fleece jacket, plus your ski jacket.

#Leggings/thick tights to wear underneath your ski trousers or even under your normal trousers if it is very cold and you are going out for a walk.

#Special winter socks, these are a must! Again you can find good ones in Decathlon.I had mine for years. Make sure you take extra pairs. I personally always take an extra pair with me.  I can then take off my cold socks after a ski session, put dry ones and go straight for a hot chocolate and a Nutella “crêpe” before going back home.

#Winter boots. As tempting as it may be to walk in nice shoes, if you are on holidays in the mountains, it is comfort and warmth that you will be looking for. So make sure you take with you some waterproof boots or shoes like Timberland. In some places, you will have to walk in the snow, which can come up to your knees so if your shoes are not up to your ankles and not waterproof, you will end up with cold and wet feet. Bring some trainers and normal shoes too in case you go out to bars and restaurant. You can put them in your bag and get changed when you get there 🙂

#Although you will have to wear ski clothes and warm clothes most of the time, you will probably want to go out at night. So make sure you take a couple of outfits for the occasion such a nice tops, jeans and dresses with tights. You will just have to make sure you wear a big coat on top of it.

#Take a swimsuit just in case there is a swimming pool at the place you stay in . Or if you are lucky enough to go to one of those beautiful places where you have outdoors warm swimming pools.


#Gloves, scarf and hat. These seem obvious but again make sure you take them with you.

#Sun glasses but also ski glasses/mask . If the weather is not good and fuzzy, you will not be able to see without them.

Do not forget to also take –

#Sun cream because with the reflexion of the snow, sun rays are very strong. This means you can easily get  bad sun burn if you do not protect your skin.

#Lip balm and hand cream as it is that cold that your skin and especially your lips can get very dry. You will be glad to have taken these with you. I find that Neutrogena products are great for ski holidays. I had very dry skin to the point where my hands had cuts and Neutrogena hand cream really helped me hydrating my hands.

#A small backpack is always handy. You can put your drinks, snacks, sun cream and lip balm with you when you are on the slopes.

You will obviously need to take all the usual stuff you would take on a holiday such as warm PJs, underwear, jogging etc. I thought I would focus on the items that are specific to ski a holidays.

Hope this helps.

Happy ski holiday and be safe on the slopes.

Chiccie Chérie x

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