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Sapporo Teppanyaki Christmas menu

Three weeks ago I have been invited to try Sapporo Teppanyaki Christmas banquet menu in Liverpool which includes 5 different courses that you can pick from, see below.



I have been to Sapporo before and loved it, the food is very tasty and on top of that the experience is beyond fantastic. You have a chef who cooks in front of you the food you have picked and show a few cooking skills which are quite impressive and entertaining.


When I was asked to try to the Christmas menu, I was so excited as I knew the food and ambiance would be top class. I took Akbar with me who was also excited as he loves this place.



The starters included the Edamame and the salmon nigiri, veggie rolls which was were very nice dishes to start with. It is worth mentioning that I have a small appetite so after the starters I already have reach 40% of my stomach capacity!




I then chose the  crispy calamari which were divine. Seriously, they were tender inside and crispy on the outside, just how I love them. I order this type of dish very often and I always have this apprehensive feeling of  “I hope they will not be too hard and plasticy” as it can happen in some places. But these were just “parfait”!




Akbar went for the mix taco which is a trio of taco, spicy chicken, seabass in wasabi mayo, tofu with sweet miso and guacamole. He loved it!



For my main, I went for the king prawns Yakisoba, Japanese style fried egg noodles, king prawns and mix vegetables. Again, the great part of this restaurant is that the chef cooks all of your dishes in front of you so you know it is very fresh and it adds to the personalised experience. My main was delicious but I could not finish it, as I said I get full very quick. Plus, before your main, the chef also cooks nice potatoes and rice which I ate a bit  so I was then at 90% of my stomach capacity haha



I did not want to waste this gorgeous food so I asked for a goody bag and had the rest for my lunch the following day which I was made up with. It tasted even better! You know the feeling when you are at work and you know you have a gorgeous lunch waiting for you instead of this boring sandwich/salad I would normally I get if I don’t have time to cook the night before.



For my dessert, I decided to go for something light as I was full but even when I am full I like to end my meal with something sweet. So I went for Vanilla & chocolate ice cream which was a nice way to end this very generous and tasty meal. Akbar went for the the Japanese strawberry shortcake which was succulent. I had one spoon of it, so yummy!




Needless to say, the walk from the restaurant to the car was difficult after all this lovely food #foodcoma . Honestly for £43, this is really worth the money. Not only the quantity is definitely there so big eaters this is for you, but also the quality of food is excellent. Not to mention the great atmosphere and theatre you get thanks to the great chefs who make sure you spend an amazing time. I think this place is just perfect for dinner parties in general and with this special Christmas menu, it is a great option for Christmas dos either with family or work.





I honestly recommend this place 100%.



*** This dinner was a courtesy of Sapporo Teppanyaki Liverpool but the review is based on my personal experience and opinions ***



Should you have any questions about the food or place, please give me a shout !





Chiccie Cherie



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