My favourite knitwear

If there is one thing I love about autumn/winter, is to wear my comfy knitwear, getting all wrapped up and go for nice walks. Enjoying the beautiful colours of the trees, this particular smell Autumn brings and having a real excuse to drink a hot chocolate with cream with no guilt, not to forget the Nutella pancakes with Chantilly – yes I have a sweet tooth. How do you think I can maintain those big chubby cheeks 🙂

I thought I would share a post which combines all my favourite knitwear I recently got from Femme Luxe.

When it comes to knitwear, I don’t think I can ever have enough. I need all colours, different fits for different styles … Because I have a greedy personality and “more is more” with me haha

Nonetheless, I will never neglect the quality over quantity! So these are my favourite pieces  which are not only affordable but also very stylish–



I have a big thing for white/cream jumpers at the moment. It goes with everything but also bring this touch of sweetness which makes me “almost” forget about the cold. I say almost!

This one is nice as it is a bardot jumper so I decided on this occasion to wear it over my jumpsuit. Because it is a crop jumper, I would only wear it with jumpsuits or high wait pants/skirt.





Another style I like is the knitwear dresses and this one is particularly great because it is also off shoulder and I love the button details, so cute.




I wear them with tights but if I am at home, I would wear some nice comfy socks.  Cute and cosy at the same time.  As you can see I got that jumper dress both in mustard and white. They are only £18.99!




This is my favourite piece from Femme Luxe. I like everything about this jumper, the fit, the colour, the details on the collar and sleeve. And it is only £11.99!!!!  Tick, tick, tick. It can be worn with high waist pants or skirt like on this photo.


So these are my favourite knitwear from Femme Luxe but don’t be surprised if I get more over the next few months. Winter is meant to be very cold this year so I will have to be equipped right? It is a matter of health & safety!

Please share your favourite knitwear from this season, I would love to see what everyone wears to cope with the cold!

*Please note I have been gifted the knitwear from Femme Luxe  but I  am the one who picked the items above and I only share honest reviews and outfits/brands that I genuinely like.

Bisous Bisous

Chiccie Chérie

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