My beauty products wish list 2019

This is the time of the year where I make a list of the beauty products I really need to invest in. You know, the products you see in store and say ”oh, next pay day I need to get this”. They are not vital and they are not cheap either so you always say “next time, it is on the list”.

Well this time, I have decided to put these items on a real list and perhaps this will help me to prioritize my shopping expenses for the next few months. I have listed the beauty products I need, but I can still live without them if that makes sense so I kind of push it away until I have a month of no expenditure which will never happen right?!


So the first beauty item I have been meaning to upgrade is something I actually use EVERYDAY.  I am still into my curly hair journey and every morning I have to refresh my curls.  Which means, spraying some water and blow dry my hair using my Curly co diffuser clip which I can add onto any hair dryer.

I can tell my hair dryer needs replacing; it takes so long to dry my hair. I have big hair so I need a very good one; the one I currently use is very basic so I need to invest in a new one.

I found this hair dryer online which has great reviews and is meant to be great for curly hair. I also know the GHD one is good so I guess price will determine which one I pick.


Beauty products UK


The second beauty product, I have been contemplating every time I am at the airport (which is basically every month) is the midnight recovery concentrate from Khiel. Again, because it is not cheap and not vital to my beauty routine (it probably should be), I kind of put it on the back of my list. I had a couple of samples and it seems to be an amazing product so I would love to see the effect after a few months usage. So next time I am the airport I will treat myself.

 Those wrinkles won’t treat themselves are they?!



The third product I have been looking at is a skin cleansing brush, to make sure it exfoliates my skin properly before bed and in the morning. Our skin is exposed to so much aggression every day– cold, UV, pollution, make-up so I want to make sure I protect it as much as I can.

I always take my make-up off before bed, hydrate my skin, use anti-wrinkle cream,  use a face wash but I think I can do more hence this product is on my list.

Panasonic have one which looks fab but it is quite an investment. Clinique also have a cheaper option for £79 and now on sales down to £42.50 so I may treat myself to this.

clinique brush



The fourth one is something I need to look into ASAP really because I am tired of waking up with frizzy curls every day. Although, I sleep with a pineapple hair style which helps, my curls still need refreshing every day if I want them to look good. And the best way to protect curls or any type of hair really, is with a silk sleeping bonnet/scarf. Now you may start giggle because I am sure you now have Laura Ingalls from ‘The little house in the prairie’ in your mind. Well, I did anyway!

I have done some research and found some which are actually very stylish but because it is silk they can be quite pricey.  The friction of hair to the pillow is not good for the hair and using a hair wrap will help Repair and prevent hair breakage and also Reduce hair loss and boost hair growth.

It also Eliminates frizz and flyaways which is exactly what I need so I think I am ready to invest in one of this beautiful bonnet from Silk London.

By the way bonnet is a French word; I just thought I would drop this in 🙂

HyperFocal: 0



Last item I will get which is actually quite affordable so I have no excuse, is a magnified mirror with light. Now there is a reason why I have been putting this off. When I am in a hotel and I use this type of mirrors, I am ready to cry. I feel like a werewolf and even start doubting that being a brunette is great! Those mirrors spot any tiny hair you have on your face! But it is great to make sure eye brows & mustache are on fleek –   ha I am now thinking of a cool hashtag #mustacheonfleek . What do you think? LOL

 It is not glam but that’s the reality. We brunette have to deal with facial hair big time so a mirror like this is a must, as much as it will hurt my feelings.


This one is from Amazon for only £19.99.

So this is it, my beauty product wish list that I have been meaning to cut down for months. Writing this up will actually help me getting on top of it I think.

I would love to hear your beauty products wish list or recommendation/feedback for the products I have mentioned above.

Bisous Bisous

Chiccie Chérie

This is a sponsored post by Panasonic. All opinions and product selected in this post are based on my personal view & findings.

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