The French Style

What is the French Style?

France, especially Paris is considered as the world capital of fashion, and we owe this reputation to famous designers and stylists such as Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld and Jean Paul Gauthier, too many to mention them all! Not only the designers but also French girls have the reputation to dress well and to have this “je ne sais quoi” (which by the way means “I don’t know what”). Before I started to travel, I could not understand what people meant by French style. It is only once I started living abroad and came back home that I realized – there’s definitely a French style! Paris is the place where this is more obvious; girls and boys look very put together, trendy yet still classy. They manage to mix styles and colors whilst keeping a chic look. Small details and accessories make the difference and sometimes you feel that it is almost like they did not make an effort or put too much thought into it. It really is all about the details and simplicity. A messy bun, pair of glasses, nice scarf, skinnies, flat shoes complemented by a trendy hand bag might seem like a simple outfit, but they will make the combination look so on point and elegant.

So, I have tried to illustrate what French style is to me through the outfit below, and what are the essentials if someday, you do want to look a bit Frenchie,  I hope you like it !

Au revoir mesdames

Chiccie Chérie x

The detail here is the pair of red shoes which brightens and enhances a simple outfit, black top and black trousers. Obviously, the trench is a typical item french girls would wear as it is very classy and practical at the same time.

The béret is the little addition which makes that look very French. It might be slightly cliché but I think it is a nice and stylish accessory yet very useful, especially when you live in England and you need to protect your hair from humidity and rain.

Outfit details:

Trousers – Mango

Turtle neck black top – Forever 21

Trench- Zara

Red shoes – Primark (yes I know!). They are very high so I would only wear them for special occasions.

Béret – H&M

Watch – Calvin Klein

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