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Finally a candle that smells!

We get candles for two reasons, to create a cozy atmosphere and for the smell. The calming flame of any candle lit can create the atmosphere but when it comes to the smell, it is a different story.

Until a year ago, I was buying only Yankee Candles. Like many others, I have been influenced by marketing – as a marketer myself I should know better right? The brand is so renowned that you just think it is great. But last year I realized that their price was too high, especially when the fragrance does not last. Plus a friend of mine who sells candles explained to me that good candles should burn down evenly. The Yankee candles I had were not burning down evenly so I just stopped buying them. Have a go at home with all your candles and if they do not burn down evenly, you should not buy them again.

The last candles I got were Royal Worcester and to be fair they burn down evenly but the smell does not last. What a headache as I do buy candles a lot and never found one candle that really holds the smell so I just use candles to create the ambiance. To be honest, I love having candles lit, it just creates a different vibe straight away but it would be even better with the aromatic element!

Coincidentally, two weeks ago a friend of mine made aware of a new brand of candles which are actually hand-made 5 miles away from me! In the best place in the North West, the Wirraaal!  Owen Drew started creating his own candles with only natural products after realising that most candles actually have a negative effect on home interior. After receiving many compliments from friends and family he decided to launch his own brand of candles. Owen kindly invited me to his Christmas party last weekend where I had the chance to pick a few fragranced candles. The candles are all fully natural using vegan wax carefully blended with essential oils and fine fragrances. Something also very unique which I have never seen before is that the wick is made of wood. There was a great choice of fragrances and you will not be surprised that I have picked Mademoiselle which is inspired by the Coco Mademoiselle perfume, a “classique”! I also picked “Eventus” which is inspired by Creed fragrance and “Black Orchid” inspired by Tom Ford. Since I am after strong smells and love these perfumes,  I wanted to see how the candles would smell!

Well, from the first burn I have been amazed. The smell was beautiful and exactly what you would expect from the label. The “Mademoiselle” candle smells like the original perfume and so do “Eventus” and “ Black Orchid”. Honestly, I was very impressed as I have been looking for a candle which diffuses its fragrance for ages!!!

I also love the fact that after an hour you can see the oils at the surface from the wax melting, it gives an elegant style to the candle.

Even after I blew it out, the smell was still there. I am so happy that finally, I found candles which not only look elegant but also smell divine.

So if you are a fan of candles like me and have not found ones that have lasting fragrance, well stop looking and try these. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. The large candles as the ones in the photos are £25 each so slightly more than your average candles but still cheaper than other high end brand. They are luxurious as its name mentions and it is money well spent. I have spent so much on candles over the years and it was not worth it. I would rather have a great candle which is more expensive than keep buying rubbish ones – excuse my French!

I am very honest, I either like it or don’t like it, there is no “so so” or “not too bad”– that’s the French way so I would not recommend it if I did not believe all the candle lovers should get one. And if you know people who like candles, then this is also the perfect Christmas gift.

Let me know what you think once you have tried an Owen Drew luxury candle and what your favourite fragrance is.  So far mine is Black Orchid 🙂

Bisous bisous

Chiccie Chérie

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