My faux fur coats obsession

Faux fur coats are everywhere at the minute and I am obsessed with it! I have grown a small collection so I thought I should write a post about it. Depending on how it is styled and worn, I know it can look a bit tacky. That’s why I am always cautious when picking my outfits!


These are the different faux fur coats I own and you will see how I have styled each of them through the outfit photos below. Some styles are a bit out there, especially with the pink faux fur coat but why not?

That’s why I love about fashion; you can be so creative with your outfits. Depending on your mood you can either go very bold or be more subtle. I like a bold and different look.

The pink faux fur coat


For this look, I wanted something a bit more bold and unusual so I decided to wear my Morgan jumpsuit, with patterned tights, my Guess High knee boots and this lovely Marks & Spencer coat. Confession, this coat is actually a kids size one. One of the advantage where you are “petite”, is that you can wear kids clothes sometimes. Not only it gives you more options to pick from but it is cheaper too.

The Mixed print faux fur coat

This mixed print faux fur coat is from Boohoo. I love it and for this look, I went for a street style. It was a Friday so I thought I should use the coat to create a cool dress down Friday. I worn my favourite jeans from Lefties. The fit is just perfect, I love them. If you go to Spain, get you a pair you will not regret. I then worn my Mango T-shirt with the wording “Chérie” on it. This T-shirt was made for me hey! And to make it very casual, a pair of white converse were the perfect shoes to wear. As a final touch, I worn a cap as this is a nice addition to create this chic/street style look.

The white faux fur coat

This was my Sunday look. I wanted to wear something casual and comfy so a pair of jeans and sneakers were basics. I also added my “Chiccie Chérie” touch by wearing a little scarf. I am mixing styles there but that’s what I like, fashion has no rules!

This white faux fur coat is from Bonobo, jeans from Lefties and the scarf from Naf Naf.

The black fluffy coat

This was in Alicante where I had an amazing weekend away. I dressed up for the night as we went to a lovely tapas restaurant then to the casino. I wanted to wear something classy and stylish so I went for my Mango red leather skirt, a sheer black top from Zara and my Mango boots. This fluffy coat is from Primark and I had it for 4 years, I know 4 years! I just can’t get rid of it. I love it so much as I can wear it with anything and it really keeps me warm.

The Leopard print faux fur coat


This is the last coat I have bought and I actually wrote a full post about it. Check it out for full outfit details.


So this was my faux fur coat collection, I hope you liked it. The next faux fur I get will be a green one I think. It looks so stylish and suits brunette! Like this one I found on Pinterest.


What is your favourite faux fur coat? How do you wear it? Let me know, I would love to read more style inspiration 🙂

Bisous bisous


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