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Daffodil Hotel & Spa in the Lake district

I am finally writing this post that I have been meaning to write for 3 months – since we got engaged! I really wanted to share with you this special weekend we had at the Daffodil Hotel & Spa in the Lake District because the location was so amazing. And if any of you is looking for a nice relaxing get away with their partner or even with their friends and family, this is a place I would definitely recommend.

I shall first mention that this is where we stayed the weekend we got engaged so obviously I will always have a special connection with this hotel & stay. Nonetheless, the whole weekend was magical and this hotel really made it special.



 We were actually very lucky that we stayed in a very nice hotel (I meant my fiancé Akbar did an amazing job) because that weekend it rained so badly. Akbar at the time when he booked this hotel asked the manager advice on where it would be nice to propose and she has been so lovely to him, gave him advice on where he could go. She recommended to go to Keswick for quite a long hike to go on top of the hill and get an amazing view of the beautiful Keswick lake – how romantic and thoughtful right?

So on Saturday morning, when we set off to go to the Lakes and it was pouring down like there is no tomorrow; you can imagine how disappointed Akbar must have felt deep down. And he obviously could not even tell me. There was NO chance we could go for a walk that day, which he had planned in his head. And this is why it was a great thing that the hotel was so amazing. As soon as we arrived mid afternoon, we dropped our bags off in the room (we had a nice suite J) and  had some lunch in the lovely lounge. The food was so nice, we had some kind of tapas, while sitting by the window and watched the rain fall. It was so cosy and straight away I felt good, you know when you feel like at home somehow – a very big home though!





Following the late lunch, we decided to make the most of the hotel facilities, which are fantastic. The swimming pool has water jets, there is a Hammam & sauna. We just chilled & relaxed there until dinner time. It is so nice to do that especially when you know that outside it is cold and miserable.






In the evening it was still raining so we had dinner at the Daffodil hotel’s restaurant and again we had such an amazing time. The food was excellent, I had some lovely fish and the best cheesecake I have ever had. Seriously, I still think about it! Akbar had a steak and he also loved it. We were the last in the restaurant giggling away, laughing with the waiters – we are both very sociable haha. It was just a perfect evening.

Affodil_spa hotel


If you are staying in this hotel, you have to try their restaurant at least once.

The following day, we had a nice breakfast, again good food and great choice and we then enjoyed the hotel’s exterior whilst it was not raining because the day before we couldn’t go outside at all. Unless we wanted a rain shower!  Outside the hotel, it is just stunning and the views are so beautiful. I can imagine a wedding there would be fabulous  (hint, hint haha).


You can just sit outside, walk around and enjoy the peacefulness of this place.

Affodil_spa hotel

We knew it was going to rain later on in the day so Akbar took me on the walk he had planned in Keswick. The drive from Daffodil’s hotel & spa to Kenswick is SOOOOO nice, more so when it does not rain. Then from Kenwick village, which is so charming, you can go for this lovely walk the hotel manager talked about and get on top of the hill to admire this stunning view.

The walk is nice and enjoyable, beautiful scenery and can be done with children too. It is not too difficult and it is amazing when you get to the top.

This is where we officially got engaged and it is so funny that it started to pour down as soon as we got on top of the ill, after a 2h30 walk. I was soaked & cold but so happy. Plus, it makes such a beautiful and funny story that me, who absolutely hates the rain, got engaged under the rain proper soaked.

You can see how red my hands are haha, Cold hands and warm heart it was on that day for sure. Only a ring could make me forget about this weather!



The walk back was like a race, we were both so soaked and cold but I was buzzing with that beautiful ring on my finger. ‘I am engaged to the man of my life’ , I kept thinking whilst looking at my hand as I walked down. I am surprised I actually did not fall over in the mud!

We got back to the car & got changed, turned the heating on full blast until we dried and warm up then decided where to go for tea. We ended the day with a roast dinner in Barrow-in-Furness.  I mean Akbar did, I do not like roast dinner so much – oops I may lose some readers after that.  To be honest I should have gone for a veggie roast, as the food I ordered was really average.

And that was it, we then drove back to Liverpool in the evening as an engaged couple and it was one of the most beautiful times we had, along with our nikkah a few weeks later.

So I hope you enjoyed the read and if you ever look for somewhere nice to stay around the lakes, then you know the Daffodil Hotel & Spa in the lake district is fantastic, from the facilities, food to the lovey staff. I will be back for sure, on a sunny day 😉

 Bisous, Bisous

 Chiccie Cherie





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