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Christmas, hit or miss. How to get the perfect gift?

Christmas is just round the corner, I know how can it already be that time of the year?!

Decorations are up, Christmas songs are on everywhere, and gift sets are all out in all the shops. It’s there and although I love the spirit of Christmas and the atmosphere, I think we all go through an emotional roller coaster which includes excitement, love, stress, frustration or apprehension. Organising Christmas dinners can be stressful but the thing that everyone feels pressure about right now are Christmas gifts!!
Every year, whilst I am rushing around in crowded shops on 23rd December when I can’t even think straight, I say to myself “next year I will start early, during summer so I can collect gifts and I will not have too much to buy in one go” … And every year I do not do it! Call me stubborn or maybe I like making the same mistakes again and again.
Anyway, buying Christmas gifts can be stressful and if you wait until the last minute the more pressure you have on yourself and the more difficult it will be to find a gift for one reason oranother. We all fear to offer a present which will get the face below.

It can happen and everyone always says “it’s the intention that matters” or “it’s the thought that counts”. But still, when you spend time and money on a present, you want the person who received the gift to be made up and get the face below!

What I would say though, is that the best gift I have received and the best gifts I have offered and given are the personalised gifts. Christmas is all about showing love to our loved ones right? It is what Christmas is about nowadays; well it is for me anyway as I am not Christian and therefore Christmas for me is not a religious celebration. For me, because I am Muslim I use Christmas as an excuse to spoil my loved ones!
It’s not about the money you will spend on the gifts or the extravagance; it just needs to be special.

Last year, for Christmas I offered to my dad a handmade scrap book which included photos
from our trip to Lisbon. I bought the scrap book, some glitter and stickers and made a lovely book. It took me a day to make it, but his reaction when he discovered this gift, was priceless! I could watch him whilst he was reading the comments next to each photo and I could see his eyes shining. That’s what a gift for a special someone should do. Obviously, I still bought him other presents along with the scrap book, but I know that even though it was probably the least expensive gift, it was his favourite!

So if you want to buy something special for someone, think of personalised gifts from
personalised phone cases with photos to mugs, t-shirt, calendars. This website is great for
personalised gifts –

As I said, although, I love to offer personalised gifts, I also like to add another more ordinary gift which will also be well received. It can be very difficult to find the right gift, but the good thing is, that thanks to social media it is now so much easier to find out about people’s taste and wishes! Some people (me included) like lots of photos on Instagram or Pinterest every day.
We even have boards on Pinterest which include the things we want. I am not saying buy the house that your friend has saved on her “Dream House” board but this should give you a few hints on the type of gift she/he might like. I would say this is the beauty of social media and at the same time, I also get worried on how much information people can know! Some people might know the type of wedding dress I want by now haha (How silly!)
So as creepy as it can be; I think we should use this platform to our advantage and find the
perfect gifts for our loved ones. There are obviously people who don’t have these platforms, such as my parents and grand-parents. That’s where the personalised gifts are perfect!

I have added a list of gifts which are always a winner; hopefully it will give you some inspiration!

For the sporty, health conscious

 Fit bit watch. Loads of people have them already but they have launched new versions.
Fitbit Charge 2 comes in new colours and new features. £139.99- £159.99

 Fitbit have also launched WIFI smart scales which provide weight, body fat, BMI and
lean mass and chart trends over time. £199.99

 New gym kit. Sporty people would always invest in new trainers and new gym kit. The
choice for this is wide with a lot of new designs and colours so it would make an easy
but great gift!

 Wireless headphone and phone holders are also a great gift for sporty people

For the foodies

 Voucher for a dinner in a fancy restaurant or even a Michelin restaurant, if your budget allows! Book a table have great deals for this –

 Tickets for a food show such as Taste, BBC Good Food Show, Cake & Bake.

 Voucher for wine tasting would be a great gift too. Virgin offers a few places for wine

 Cookery class, it can be from any level and very specific too. Cookery schools offer
different menus. I would recommend Swinton Park cookery school, Lesley Waters and
Nick Nairn. I have worked with them and they are fantastic!

 A great piece of cookware. Funnily enough, I work for a cookware company and it’s not
just because I work for these brands but I would definitely recommend the following brands – Prestige, Circulon and Anolon which offer cookware from all price points and with the best quality.

For the fashion/beauty addict

 Perfume is one of the most common presents and it’s because everyone always loves a
new perfume! Some people like to wear the same fragrance so in that case, do not risk
buying a new one, they will not wear it. However, you can get the shower gel or body lotion which goes with it. Plus, if you wear a body lotion with the perfume it lasts longer! Even better, last time I was in Paris I saw that you could have your perfume hand engraved with a name. This was for Tiffany&Co perfume, what a great present!

 Every Fashionista has a favourite brand so getting them clothes from that shop is
definitely a good choice. Vouchers are also a great option if you are not sure what to

 Beauty lovers would enjoy a make-up course where you can learn more about make
up with a professional and have some goodies at the end.

 A massage or spa day is also a great gift. Even better if you can share it with them!

For the nature lovers

 Membership at National Trust so they can enjoy the best places in the UK

 A get away in the countryside, Travelzoo or is great for this.

 A nice camera to take photo of the landscape

 Walking shoes or any outdoor equipment

For the technophiles

These people will be expensive to buy for so I hope for your sake that they also have some of the interests above! There are new technologies coming out every day, I cannot keep up, but these are just some of the ones that struck me.

 Samsung gear VR set. I have not tried it yet but it seems amazing

 New headphones or speakers. They are a nice gift and available in a broad price range.
Amazon Alexa is very on-trend at the moment so if they don’t have it yet, it is a nice

 Portable charger, this is actually a gift that is very practical and would please anyone if
they do not already have one!

 There is a new electrical tooth brush that OralB have launched with Bluetooth
connection which would also make a nice gift.

For movies, music and culture lovers

 If they do not have it yet, what about an Amazon Fire Stick or Netflix membership

Spotify membership

ITunes vouchers to spend on the music they like

 Tickets to a concert or gig

 Tickets to a show or at the theatre

These are only ideas, so please share yours too and the best presents you have received or offered .

I shall now crack on with buying my Christmas presents! I only have ten days left!

Bisous bisous
Chiccie Chérie

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