Celebrity MUA Make-up Masterclass

I had the chance to attend the Celebrity MUA make-up Masterclass in Liverpool with amazing make-up artists – Gary Crockerill and Internet make-up sensation Alexis Stone. They both did two make-up master classes each and it was not only very insightful, but also great fun as they both have a lovely personality.I want to share with you the key learning and highlights from this master classes.




I pride myself to be a fashionista and I believe I have a good knowledge in this field. When it comes to make up though, I would say I know the basics and I always think to myself “wish I could do my make up like a pro”, “wish I knew how to do contouring…”. I don’t take longer than 10 minutes to do my make up maybe 20 min if I am going out, and if I can get my eye liner right it is already a big thing for me!

But following this make-up masterclasses, I really felt positive about how much I can do. I do not need to be a professional to do a nice make up. There are a few tricks which definitely help!

Gary Crockerill make-up styles were both stunning. One with a gold eye shadow and the other was a gorgeous smokey eye, perfect for a night out.






These are all the great tips and highlights from Gary’s master class –


-It is easier to do both eye make up at the same time rather than do one eye then the other as you may forgot what you have done. It is also easier to keep it even and consistent

-Get different brushes sizes. Small ones are great so you can be very precise

-Put fake eye lashes without mascara. I have been doing this wrong the whole time!

-Depending on the brand and type, you may need to curl the lashes before

-Make sure to pick lashes which have invisibles roots. Lashes can be trimmed if need be

-A great glue brand for fake eye lashes is Duo Glue which you can find in Super Drug. When you put the glue on the lashes, let it warm up for a bit before putting them on.

-When you put your lashes on, aim for the middle of eye – I used to start at the end !


-Always moisturize your skin first

-When you put your primer & foundation on, do not forget the eye lid

-To find the right colour for your skin, try the foundation on your jaw line; if it disappears then that’s the right tone

-Gary recommends mixing foundation tones and use the lighter colour as a concealer

-Gary uses sponges to apply foundation and really recommend them, starting from the centre

-It is better to start with less doses and add more later

-Blend from the inside to the outside

-For contouring, aim the jaw line and temple. Gary recommends powder rather than liquid

-It is better to put the blush quite high, near the eye




Alexis Stone master classes were so fun and his experience as a drag queen was very  interesting.  As he really pointed it out, drags are the ones who really invented contouring to make their male feature look more fine and feminine. If you do not know Alexis, I really recommend you check his Instagram page where you can see all the make-up transformations he does. They are amazing! He is a very talented young man but also so genuine and sincere.

Here are the few make up tips I have learned from Alexis whilst he was doing his make up class –

-Alexis really likes the Revolution concealer which he has used even to contouring. Following the event, I got one myself and he is right it is very good and so affordable! They sell it in Superdrug if you want to try.

-He recommends using a flat concealer brush

-Using the Mac fix plus primer to prepare your skin

-Spray on the sponge and then go over foundation

-Put eye shadow or eye primer on small lines (such a nice trick)

-Use white powder under the eye

-New Look apparently have a great gold highlighter. I need to try it

-Backstage have the best contouring brushes

Key learning from this event

Both Gary & Aleix insisted on the fact that make-up has no rules and that practice makes perfect.  And I agree it all depends on your skin type, features, style and the products you use.

They also advise to not only use luxurious brands, high street brands are just as good and sometimes it is good to mix them up.


As you can see I have learned so much during this make-up masterclass and I would definitely recommend you go to one of them if you get the chance. Not only you get to meet great make-up artists who share their knowledge with you but you also have a great time as you get to know them a bit. You can ask questions and meet people who share the same interest. The icing on the cake, you also get a goody bags with lovely make up brands so you can practice when you get home!

This would actually make a great gift to any make-up lover 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you also found those tips very useful. Please share any tips you may have. I still want to learn how to do a good contouring but I think for this I would need a one to one session haha

Bisous bisous

Chiccie Chérie x

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