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    My beauty products wish list 2019

    This is the time of the year where I make a list of the beauty products I really need to invest in. You know, the products you see in store and say ”oh, next pay day I need to get this”. They are not vital and they are not cheap either so you always say “next time, it is on the list”. Well this time, I have decided to put these items on a real list and perhaps this will help me to prioritize my shopping expenses for the next few months. I have listed the beauty products I need, but I can still live without them if that makes…

  • makeup_masterclass

    Celebrity MUA Make-up Masterclass

    I had the chance to attend the Celebrity MUA make-up Masterclass in Liverpool with amazing make-up artists – Gary Crockerill and Internet make-up sensation Alexis Stone. They both did two make-up master classes each and it was not only very insightful, but also great fun as they both have a lovely personality.I want to share with you the key learning and highlights from this master classes.     I pride myself to be a fashionista and I believe I have a good knowledge in this field. When it comes to make up though, I would say I know the basics and I always think to myself “wish I could do…

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    My curly hair journey

    My obsession with straight hair has finally stopped This article is very important to me. Since I was a child, I’ve never liked my hair curly, all I wanted was straight hair. It actually makes me sad to admit that I had real a complex with my curls and felt “not physically acceptable” if my hair was not straight. When I discovered a strengtheners for the first time, I was probably about 12 years old and I got so excited to try it out, thinking it would change my life (I know a bit ridiculous but I was only 12!). This first strengthener was a Babyliss. I remember being so…