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I’ve just come back from a trip in Germany for work which inspired to write a blog about business trip outfits. Every year, we attend a trade show called Ambiente in Frankfurt which is one of the biggest housewares event in the industry. I’m usually there for four days and it is very intense as you are at the show all day and out in the evening with your colleagues. So when it comes to packing and picking outfits, it can be tricky. I need an attire that’s professional, stylish (I’m a fashion blogger after all) but more importantly comfortable. It’s unbelievable how much we walk during these shows.  Although I’m a sucker for nice high heels, I don’t usually wear them for this type of show as I know I will end up with sore feet and sore back. However, I usually try to wear heels in the evening as it’s actually good to swap shoes and give your feet a little break.

I’ve managed, somehow, to take a picture of each outfit I worn during this trip. Apologies for the quality of the photos, most of them were taken in the hotel bathroom before going out. I hope this will give you some ideas if you are also going on a business trip and don’t know what to pack or what to wear. You will find that I have brought clothes which I could wear different times in different ways, that’s the technique for an effective “clothes packing”.

Day 1

We travelled first thing in the morning on a Sunday (I know, it hurts!) from Manchester to Frankfurt.

After checking-in at the hotel, we took half an hour to refresh ourselves and get changed to go to the show for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I decided to wear a classy skirt with a shirt tucked-in. Unfortunately, we can’t tell from the photo but there are little Beatles on the shirt, very cute. Simple and professional.

-Shirt & skirt H&M


We have been lucky enough to get tickets to go to a hockey game in the evening. It was so cool and it’s nice to have some down-time with my colleagues.

For this occasion, I decided to wear something warm and comfy as I knew it would be a bit cold at the game. So I’ve worn my pink jumper that I worn for traveling  with a pair of jeans and my pink sneakers.

Day 2

At the show

On the next day, I’ve worn a cute white shirt which has a bow on the front with some high waist black pants and my favorite pair of shoes. Again, I tucked the shirt in as I love this style. It is very French  and  represents the Parisian style.

-Shirt H&M,

-Pants Mango

-Shoes Zara. I love those shoes but after waking all day, I ended up with a blister on my foot.

-The bag is actually a sandwich maker which I discover at the show. Amazing right?

Evening dinner

We went out to a very nice restaurant in Frankfurt which is called Ivory Club. It’s beautiful and the food is superb, I had an amazing prawn curry. Yummy!

As I knew this place was quite fancy, I worn a nice blazer with a sheer top, comfy pair of skinny jeans and my black boots.

Again, it is simple but classy and appropriate for the occasion.

-Jeans Lefties

-Sheer top Camaïeu

-Blazer H&M

-Boots Mango

Day 3

At the show

This was the last of the show and as part of the job, me and my colleagues had to stay until the end  for breakdown. This meant, we had to walk and cary things around a lot so again, comfy shoes was the first thing I thought of when picking my outfit for the day. I went for my dark blue jeans, my frou-frou top, my white blazer and my pink gold derby shoes. I love this look; it’s professional, stylish and comfy. However, I wish I didn’t take the white blazer on that day as it’s no surprise it got dirty during breakdown. Oh non !!!


My happy face when I know I am going back home soon.

-Jeans Lefties

-Top Naf Naf

-Blazer H&M

-Derby shoes Bestelle

Last Evening before going home

We finished breakdown quite late in the evening and had barely anytime to get ready before going for dinner. I was very tired so dressing fancy was the last thing on my mind. But, I still wanted to end this outfit journey with a nice photo so I decided to wear something casual and stylish –  my red Bardot Top with a pair of jeans and my black boots. You  probably can tell from the photos, at this stage even make up can’t hide the tiredness but it didn’t stop me haha

-Top H&M

-Jeans Lefties

-Boots Mango

Chiccie Chérie tips

Here are a few tips if you are packing for a business trip:

-Even if is a business trip, take a least two pair of jeans. Especially dark ones as if you wear them with a nice top and blazer, you’ve got your classy outfit covered. You can then wear it to travel too.

⁃ Always bring a pair of sneakers. Pick some that are not too sporty so they can be worn as part of your outfit during the evening if you want a casual/stylish look.

⁃ Swap shoes in the evening, don’t wear the same shoes all the time

⁃ Bring plasters with you as no matter how many shoes you bring, your feet will be sore at some point

⁃ Bring a face mask with you. When I am going away like this, I tend do my make up for the day, then take it off and do a new one for the evening after my shower so my skin really suffers, never mind the tiredness. So I was happy that I brought a face mask with me to clean and nourish my skin during the trip.

⁃ Take your favorite pair of heels which you know is comfy. That’s why I brought the black Mango boots, I know they are so comfy and I worn them most evenings.

⁃ Always take two casual spare tops, just in case. Sometimes you don’t know where you will go in the evening so it’s good to have a back up. The red top was actually one of my back up top.

⁃ Take at least one nice evening dress just in case. I took two black ones but I didn’t  wear them in the end. Sometimes you just don’t feel like wearing a dress but it’s good to have one anyway. Who knows you could end up having a date with George Clooney?

I hope you enjoyed this little outfit journey from my business trip and these little tips.

If you also have tips, please share them that would be great for my next voyage!

Chiccie Chérie x


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