Birmingham Collections Showcase for Angelman Syndrome

A few weeks ago; I have been invited to the Fashion Designer’s and Craft maker’s Collections Presentation in aid of Angelman Syndrome. The event took place in Birmingham where I had the chance to discover exciting new talented designers with statement designs and a pure flair for style.

Not only the fashion show was fabulous but I was particularly moved by the presentation made to explain what the Angeman Syndrome is as I had never heard of it until this day.

In case you do not know, Angelman syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the nervous system and causes severe physical and intellectual disability.

A person with Angelman syndrome will have a near-normal life expectancy, but needs looking after for the rest of their life.

Donna Rachel Edmunds, who is the mum of a beautiful little girl who has been diagnosed with this syndrome provided us with more information about it such as the symptoms and what her everyday challenges are. I felt very touched when Donna said that kids with Angelman syndrome are very smiley and very sociable. As you can see above her daughter does look like a little angel 🙂

One of the tackles most kids with disabilities have to face is finding clothes which are suited for their needs but which also look fashionable. For example, kids in a wheel chair would need longer trousers so when they seat their legs are still covered, the back of the trousers needs to be a high cut so when they sat down in the chair, their back is not in contact with the seat all the time.  All these little things which I did not realize until Donna pointed them out. Apparently they are some special clothes already existing but they look very clinical which can be quite depressing. It is not because a child or anyone has a disability that they can have a normal life and enjoy the pleasure of life such as being dressed nicely right? Plus quite often, people will find some consolation in dressing up and make themselves look good so it is important they can also access to this,  probably more than anyone else.

And that’s what pushed Donna to venture and create a fashion brand for children with special needs, combining practical adaptions with bold colours and bright patterns that kids will love to wear. I really admire Donna who started a fashion brand with no experience in sewing; she just took classes and followed her call.

Donna showed us some items from her collection and it looks great. If you do have or know kids with special needs, this will be perfect for them. The brand is called Kitted Clothing and if you check the website there is also a donation campaign currently live.


Following this introduction and awareness on the Angelman syndrome, then took place the fashion show with lines from three talented designers – Nazira Muslem, Cassandra Townsend, Gemma Lewis and Bethany Hilton who actually been voted the 2018 FDC Emerging designer.

I liked all the designers styles but Bethany’s line was definitely my favourite. I thought it was very original and some pieces, I could actually wear it myself. The colours were very bold and I was amazed by the details on the outfits.

I loved how Bethany brought back the old fashioned hats into trend making it look so fashionable and classy with the little scarf around it. Just beautiful!!!

Thanks again FDC YOUNG DESIGNER AWARDS for having me, I had a great time and I am also very pleased I have learned about the Angelman Syndrome, hoping I can also help raise awareness with this post.

Hope you found this article useful and enjoyed the images of the fashion show.

What is your favourite photo from the fashion show?

Chiccie Chérie x

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