About me

I finally took the chance to start my own blog. After a couple of years of “I should” and “what if”, I am now thinking “why not”.

My name is Sabrina, I am French and I have lived in England for four years now. I first lived in Manchester then moved near Liverpool. Please don’t ask me which city I prefer, it is a tough and dangerous question J !

You might wonder why England; well the answer is really simple, the field I work in is very saturated in France so once I graduated it wasn’t easy to find a job there. Plus having done my last year of a Master’s degree in America, I was really keen to go abroad again straight after my studies, hence I moved to the UK.

As most bloggers, I have been a fashion addict since I was a child. Thinking of what outfit I will wear the next day was my main preoccupation at the time. That’s the joy of being a teenager before the real life challenges start to appear – exams, job, bills, aging, being an adult basically!

I’ve traveled in different countries to study and to discover the world and whilst doing so I have carried my passion for fashion everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE. Wherever I stayed I would come back with more clothes than I initially took but it is part of discovering the culture right?

Anyhow, I am here now (virtually) and I am very excited to share with you my passion for fashion, my experience as an expat in England and my travels. I am a strong believer that every woman is beautiful, we are all unique and that’s what makes us pretty and interesting. I’d like to think I am classy person, although I like to look glamorous or like a “Femme fatale” as we call in it French, humility is very important to me. As my idol Audrey Hepburn says “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”.

I love combining designer pieces with affordable high street pieces because the reality is, money does not grow on trees (wish it did), and there are now so many brands which sell very unique and cool items. Also, I am sucker for good bargains; love that feeling when you just found THAT awesome piece for a great value.

Random things about me

-I cannot function without coffee

-I have a BIG sweet tooth. Can’t beat a nice patisserie

-I have Algerian background and feel strongly connected to Africa

-I have been straightening my hair for 15 years and finally started to embrace my curls, so I am now 4 months into my hair journey!

-I am a foodie. I love cooking and eating out in nice places. Bold street in Liverpool with all its international restaurants is my favourite street

-I have the travel bug, very itchy!

-I only listen to music when the volume is on an odd number – very weird

-Although I’ve lived in England for 4 years, one year in Texas and 1 year in Scotland, I still have a strong French accent. I give up!

-I am scared of spiders

-I believe that everything happens for a reason


Hope you enjoy the posts.

Bisous Bisous

Chiccie Chérie