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7 reasons why 30 is the best age

That’s it, I’m no longer part of the twenties demographic group. I’ve been dreading this for quite a while…Until I started to put everything into perspective and see the glass half full instead of half empty. 30 is the best age, 30 is the new twenty, 30 is when real life commences. Here are my reasons why:

  • I’m no longer 20 and I can physically tell.

I have a couple of wrinkles that have invited themselves onto my face BUT at least I have now found my own style and a “Beauty” that I’m kind of happy with. Yes we all have our own insecurities…  As a teen and up to my early twenties,  I went through stages where I had straight blonde hair. My friends who read this will laugh. They still can’t believe I used to be blonde and apparently it didn’t suit me, thanks guys!

I had a piercing done when I was 18 as I wanted to look like Marilyn Monroe.  The piercing was to copy her beauty spot (don’t laugh, we all have dreams…)

I was a bit of a tomboy and loved sportswear. Now I try to embrace my natural hair, I’m obsessed with heels, handbags and dresses. It takes time to find a style and physique that suits you and that you’re happy with. I do think that this also comes with the life experiences you get, the places you travel to, the things you learn about others and yourself. Guess what? Life experiences can only happen as you get older. And I’m very excited to have more of them to come, “inshallah” if God wants to.

  • I’m no longer 20, when I go out on a ‘proper’ night out it takes me two weeks to recover …

…and I don’t even drink but my sleep is precious! So I don’t go to night clubs very often but when I do, I will appreciate it more as it’s almost like a special occasion. Besides, as I got older, I don’t really enjoy the big nights out as much as I did when I was a student. We used to go out almost every night! Sometimes, I do wonder how we managed to get our degree! We were going out almost every night, had loads of homework, exams AND I also had a student job during the weekend, but somehow we did it. That was the lifestyle we had at the time. Now I really appreciate nights in with friends or family, cooking a nice dinner, chatting away for hours or even going out for a chilled evening with a great meal and drinks. My favourite type of night has definitely changed, and for the better! It’s more about the real things, the real food (I’m obsessed with good food), real people and real moments.

  • I’m no longer 20, and I’ve found myself new passions and interests that I didn’t have when I was 20.

Although I have always been into fashion and travels, I have developed these interests and found new ones. I now love long walks in parks, forests, mountains and on the beach, and I like to sit on the grass reading a good book. The simple things which were invisible when I was younger! I lived in the Alps until I moved abroad for my studies. And it’s only now that I really appreciate and realise the real beauty of where I’m from. Like I said above, I’m now looking for real moments with special people.

  • I’m no longer 20, and now I know not everyone is kind with good intentions.

When you’re twenty, you’re more likely to be in that ‘naivety bubble’ . You believe everyone is nice and has your best interests at heart because that’s the way you think and feel towards people yourself. Well, by 30, your bubble would have burst more than once. You will accept the fact that there are lovely people out there but there are nasty ones as well! And these are not always strangers, these can be people that are close to you, who will show their true colours at a later date. If anything, now I’m much more cautious and can spot time-wasters much easier. It does sound negative but I think it’s better to be mentally prepared that in life, we will be betrayed, hurt and disappointed. The fall will be less hurtful! This also makes me appreciate even more the great people I have around me who are part of my life and bring so much to it. Lucky enough, I am surrounded by amazing people with beautiful souls and if the world was only made of people like them, it would certainly be a better place … 🙂

  • I’m no longer 20 and I don’t take things as seriously as I used to.

Now that I am thirty, I am less likely to put up with time-wasters and rude people. Life is too short, you can’t please everyone and no matter what you do, there will always be someone who will have negative insight, for various reasons. That’s just the way it is and it used to really bother me but now I think to myself, “Is this person important in my life? Does this person pay my bills or allow me to live?” No! So let them talk, I have bigger fish to fry. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  • I’m no longer 20, I’m not a student anymore but now I’m making a living!

Being a student is amazing. I couldn’t stress this enough as it has been some my best years. But being a student also means no money, and that you’re still figuring out what job you will or can do. By 30, you will have hopefully found a job you like, that will pay the bills and you’ll be able to do things you couldn’t do as a student. For me it’s traveling, I have been lucky enough to travel abroad a bit thanks to my studies, but now I’m really enjoying discovering more parts of the world. Travelling is the best education and life experience one can get. I would say my experiences abroad made me who I am today, a real pain some will say haha!

  • I’m no longer 20 but considering how long people can live and how well people age nowadays, I should have plenty of decades ahead of me.

My dad is a good example, although he has not been well lately, God bless him, he still looks forty and he is a big child at heart! He always says to me his best years were his forties so here is yet more proof that there are lots of good things to come. More love to spread, more positive changes to bring to this world, more travels, more self-improvement, more good food, and more clothes to wear! (As a fashion blogger I had to drop that one in!)

So … Cheers to thirties!

Chiccie Chérie x


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