17 wardrobe essentials every woman should own

Fashion can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, it feels like new trends are coming up every day, new collections are out in store all the time and it can be difficult to know what is a – must have or nice to have. That’s why I have put together the 17 wardrobe essentials every woman should own.

I am probably the worst person to give advise on ‘wise shopping’ as I love buying new clothes but the last couple of years I got better and I now always think is it worth it? Is it different than what I already have in my closet. But what I can confidently tell you, is which are the fashion staples one must have through the list of clothes I wear the most. Some of them are actually classics so they are timeless and I have been wearing them for years – some need renewed! But I am hoping this will help anyone who is not sure what clothes to buy. Especially with the sales season, it is the perfect time to get all those wardrobe essentials!

I broke down the 17 wardrobe essentials every woman should own by categories to make it easier.


This is probably the category where you have so much choice that it can be hard to know what to pick. I have only listed essentials because other tops will really depends on your taste, body shape, style etc. But these are staples which are very neutral and can be adopted by anyone really.

1. Simple White or Black t-shirt, short and long sleeves

This may sound obvious to some of you but I can’t stress enough how useful these are. Whenever I am wearing some trousers or skirt which are very colourful or that have patterns, most of the time I will wear a white or black t-shirt. You will see in the jacket section, it is also perfect to add underneath a blazer.You can find some basic ones in Primark or H&M.



2. A cute blouse

Again this can go with jeans, trousers or skirt and will look stylish. A safe option would be to pick a nice lace white blouse because it will go with anything and it is timeless.

I personally love blouses with nice details on the collar or floral blouses but then it depends on your preferences.


3. Turtle neck (black, white, grey)

This is my favourite thing to wear during autumn/winter with jeans, tucked in skirt or different type of pants. Similar to the white & black t-shirts, it goes with anything. And turtle necks also look so chic, especially black ones. My winter go to style – black turtle neck top tucked in skinny jeans with high knee boots or pumps – Done ! Simple but chic and stylish



4. Skinny jeans

This is definitely a must have, a nice pair of skinny jeans that you feel comfortable in which you can wear with any top or any shoes. I find it very difficult to find nice skinny jeans that fit me – I have short legs – so I was made up when I found those in Spain at Lefties. They are my favourite skinny jeans and I wear them all the time in different ways.

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5. Mum jeans

If you check my Instagram page, you will see I am wearing the same mum jeans ALL the time. Not because I do not have anything else to wear (obviously not) but because these are soooo comfy, I love the fit, the details the colour.  AND they go with everything!  I created so many different looks with them. I still can’t believe I bought them for £5 from Miss Selfridges sales. Best purchase ever so if you can find one nice pair of mum jeans, you will have many outfits’ options J



6. Black pants

I think most people own a pair of black trousers – interview’s basic! But not only, I often black trousers for work to go with a nice blouse or shirt. I do usually like trousers so I go for skinny black jeans. Anyhow, having nice pair of black pants is definitely handy.



7. A chiffon or pleated skirt

This is actually very on trend this year and it is very easy to wear. With a nice t-shirt or blouse, it can really create a very stylish look. I love wearing this with pumps but you can wear flats or even ankle boots.


8. Leather or denim skirt

Those fabric and style go with everything so it is worth having it in your wardrobe. You can style in different ways, casual with trainers or more classy with some heels.



 9. A nice little black dress

“Petite robe noire” as we call in French, a black dress is one thing you can wear for any occasion and it will always look nice and stylish. When I do not know what to wear for work, I go straight for a black dress and nice flat. I actually have quite a few, different length and fit and honestly they are a must have. Probably on the top of the list of the 17 wardrobe essentials every woman should own.




10. Leather jacket

Mine is now worn out because I wore it that much. I wear this with dresses, jeans, skirts … It literally goes with anything and add so much style to an outfit.


11. Denim jacket

Same than for the leather jacket but for a more casual style. It goes with everything, I love wearing it especially with dresses. It adds a bohemian touch. If you are looking for a ‘parisienne look’ this is also perfect, with some nice black pants, a white top and a cute scarf – done!


12. Trench coat

Another classic which add a touch of class & chic straight away. I wear mine all the time, check my trench coats blog post for more details on how I wear it.





13. Blazer

This is actually an obsession of mine, I have so many blazers. Different colours, shapes, styles. But if you have at least one, it is perfect. Maybe a black blazer to start with as it goes with everything. And again, this will make your outfit looks stylish straight away. I would say, it can actually complete an outfit.

Nice skinny jeans, a white top and a black blazer with some flats or pumps – done!




As someone who owns a lot of shoes, I can confidently say these are the basics I recommend based on the shoes I wear the most.

14. Pumps

I am so glad this has come back on trend as pumps are confortable but also very stylish if worn well. I.e. simple outfit I mentioned earlier, white t-shirt, black blazer and a pair of pumps. Classy & stylish

I also love wearing pumps with skirt to create a chic/casual style.

You do not need to break the bank, plain white ones will do. I have one pair I wear all the time, they have some patters on them, so cute and they go with everything.


15. Ankle boots

In autumn/winter and even spring, ankle boots are a wardrobe essentials. If it is a bit cold outside and I still want a nice chic look but can’t be bothered wearing hills, I always wear my black ankle boots. It goes well with jeans, but even more so with skirts & dresses – for a bit of rock & roll vibe


16. Nice flats

This is another obvious one but it is worth mentioning. I am not so keen on the very plain flat, I like a bit of heel to it like these from Zara. They are my favourite flats. It goes nicely with jeans, trousers and skirts.




17. A pair of ‘escarpin’

I have many pairs but there is one pair that I am very comfortable in, that I wear all the time when I want a classy/chic look. I found those beauties in Zara’s sales last year for £10 and I just love them too much. I really think heels really complete an outfit and gives you this confidence boost, you know what I am talking about!





So that’s it, that was my 17 wardrobe essentials every woman should own post. I hope it will be helpful if you are looking at sorting out your wardrobe or getting new stuff. The trick really is to get key items which can re-wear in different styles and mix.  I would love to know what are your fashion staples, what do you think I have missed from this list.

Bisous Bisous

Chiccie Chérie