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10 great movies to watch during Christmas holiday

Christmas break means it’s finally time to chill and relax in your pj’s watching movies, drinking a nice hot chocolate, eating ice cream and all the chocolate you’ve received for Christmas. Well they have to be eaten and leave the guilt behind for the time being please. We will think of diet and all that c*** in January when we will all be bombarded with diet and detox recipes on social media.

So this is my top #10 movies I will be watching this Christmas whilst shoving my face with the above plus some nice cheese and baguette – I’m so cliché! Some of them are Christmas movies and some are just chick flicks and comedies that will be perfect for this lovely relaxing holiday.

#1 The Holiday

This is a classic romantic comédie with Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Kate Winslet. It makes me cry every time and it is since I’ve seen this movie that I want to go on holiday in a cottage !

#2 Love actually

Again, another classic Christmas movie with Hugues Grant. For two hours, you discover different love stories happening in different places with different characters and in the end all the stories come together, it’s a beautiful and warm movie.

#3 Home alone

Christmas without this movie is not Christmas. Most of the Christmas songs remind me of it. Funny enough, in French we call this movie “mum I’ve missed the flight”. I can’t believe Kevin is 37 now ! Ouch …

#4 Beauty and the Beast

I may be 30 years old but I will never stop to watch Disney movies. My favourite is the beauty and the best and it’s actually perfect for Christmas. The snow, the French characters, the castle, the food, everything is here to make you feel Christmassy.

# 5 Think like a man

Okay this is not a Christmas movie BUT this one of the funniest movies and one my favourite too. There is Kevin Hart and other actors such as Taraji P. Henson (she plays in Empire) and Michael Ealy. Honestly , if you want to have a good laugh, watch this movie you will not be disappointed. Promise.

The sound track is also great, if you’re into Rnb like me 🙂 John legend plays the main music, it’s a tune !

#6 About last night

Another movie with Kevin Hart (yes I love him, he is hilarious) and again you will have an amazing time watching this. Watch this with your friend or partner as you will need someone to laugh with and talk about it afterwards.

#7 Intouchables

This is probably the best French movie anyone can watch. Inspired by a true story, this movie is at the same time sad, emotional combined with little touches of humour. This movie will leave you with a smile on your face and that lovely feeling that you get when you’ve just seen a powerful and touching movie.

#8 Bridget Jones

Another classic that no one can get enough of. I probably know the movies by heart by now but I still enjoy watching them as it still makes me laugh so much and I do recognise myself in Bridget sometimes, so clumsy!

# 9 White Chicks

A comedy with the Wayans brothers. Again this movie is perfect if you want something easy to watch and have a laugh. It can be quite crude but I love it. The scene in the restaurant and in the bathrooms are just epic!

I probably know this movie by heart too.

# 10 Bridesmaids

Another chick flick with Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy which will make you laugh the whole way through. I like the way it shows how girls friendships are so much more complicated than boys but they are also so much stronger.

Hope you will enjoy this list and if there are other movies you would like to recommend, please comment and share ! I’m always looking to discover new movies.

Have a lovely Christmas.

Bisous bisous

Chiccie Chérie x

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