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10 best TV shows on Netflix

I’ve been watching quite a lot of good shows and every time someone asks me “what should I watch” I always forget the full list. So I thought I will make a list with the 10 best TV shows on Netflix one must absolutely watch. There are different genres from girly, to action including real story.

1. La casa de papel

Where do I start? This is by far the best show I’ve watched from all. The first season especially is just WOW. Honestly, this is a no brainer, you won’t be disappointed. Just be ready to be on the edge the whole time and craving for the next episode. Which is great feeling to have right ?

Just one thing, please please watch it is Spanish with subtitles otherwise you won’t get the personality of the characters.


2. Peaky blinders

I didn’t think I would like this show but I was hooked. Not only because of Tommy Shelby who is a very charismatic and handsome man but because the story is just insane. I love the fact it’s set in the mid XXI and you get to see Birmingham and Liverpool as it was back in the day. One thing, it’s quite violent so sensitive souls you may want to miss on that one. I had to cover my eyes quite a few times .


3. Plan cœur – The hook up plan

Oulala , THIS SHOW!!!! So first, it’s a French Tv show filmed in Paris so what’s not to like. You see all the beautiful spots in the amazing city. Then you have a very light hearted story about friends who are just getting themselves in some funny troubles. All the characters are just hilarious. The first season is amazing, me and my friend finished it on one night. The second season is nice too but not as nice as the first.

Again, please watch it in French with subtitles 🙂

If you want a good list of girly movies, I also wrote a post with top movies you can find on Netflix.


4. When they see us

This show would need a post on its own to be fair and I believe EVERYONE, like EVERYONE  should watch it so I obvisouly included it in my 10 best TV shows to watch on Netflix. It’s a true story about 5 men who have been accused and spend up to 14 years in jail for a crime they didn’t commit. All because of injustices, racism and a juridical system that is broken. This is heart breaking and very hard to watch, I cried the whole time but it has to be seen and their story needs to be told.


5. Jane the virgin

It took me quite a long time before starting this show, until a friend of mine told me “you have to watch it, you will like it”. And she is was right, I loved it !!!! It’s very girly, cheesy and hilarious. I was gutted when it finished…


6. Ozark

This is a show I watched with Akbar as girls shows are not his cup of tea haha

It’s about money laundering and drug traffic, very good show which also keeps you on the edge every time.


7. Stranger things

To be honest, I’m not sure there are many people who haven’t seen this show. But just in case, if you haven’t watched it, you should. It’s a nice fantastic show with a retro vibe which I love. The music from the trailer, the mood, the clothes, there is just a nice feeling about it. It can be a bit ( a bit scary) at times but I could handle so it’s ok.


8. The originals

I started this recently because I Ioved Vampire Diaries but it finished a couple of years ago so this show has been made as some kind of connection to vampire diaries.

I really like it, I am up to season 3 already. This is what I am watching at the moment.

If you liked vampire diaries you will like it. If you  haven’t watched vampire diaries then you need to watch this too !


9. The crown

I really like shows and movie which tell a true story. This show is fascinating, I discovered so much about the queen and the royalty. I actually think everyone should watch it as it’s a great way to learn about the history . New season has come out, I need to watch it but Akbar wants to start watching this show so I may re-wacth the first seaons and start the new one with him – I am such a nice person haha !


10. Sabrina the teenage witch new version

This is another that took me longer than anyone else to watch. I’ve watched this last month finally. I was just worried I would be too scared but actually I was fine. I loved it so much. I didn’t think there could be a version better than the original but actually it’s got a very good vibe to it. Because I watched it during the autumn season, it just fell so cozy to watch it.  Again, i can’t wait for the next season to come out.


That’s it for my 10 best TV shows t watch on Netflix.  I  will make sure to do a new post if I start watching new good shows 🙂

What are you doing watching that is not on this list ? What do you recommend me to watch !

Bisous bisous

Chiccie Cherie

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